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Trade-In: How much is your old business phone system worth?

Recycle or trade in your old business phone system when you upgrade to a new phone system or purchase a business grade cloud phone subscription.

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Special offer now on until 31st March 2018.

Receive up to 20% off your new phone system when you trade in your old one with us.


Complete the form and we will get back to you to discuss the trade-in value.

We know what it is like, you bought a 'State of The Art' Telephone System a few years ago only to realise that:

  • You need more features and functionality.
  • You are moving office.
  • Your business needs have changed.
  • You want to reduce costs and reduce your risks by moving to a cloud telephone system.
  • You need seemless communications for your mobile or remote workers.

Trade in business phone systems. 

Now you can 'Trade In' or 'Recycle' your old system when you upgrade to a new business phone system or purchase a business-grade cloud phone subscription. 

Tell us as much as you can about your existing phone system, and any old equipment you have in cupboards.  

We'll contact you to discuss a feasible trade-in value when you recycle your old phone system with us.

How much is your old phone system worth?